Collection: TRANS home accessories

In trans  project the furnishing accessories is seen as a sculpture crossing the thin line between art and design.

Unique handcrafted pieces or limited edition.

The silicone usually used in building industry here acquires an aesthetic function and contribute with its properties and its limits to create unusual objects which stir up contrasting feelings. The objects created look like static but they become tender, elastic and mobile if touched; they start to vibrate and wave unexpectedly. The intent is to create emotional objects with own power that come to life through interaction with those who have a contact.

The production is completely free from any industry process and every object is handmade.

Every object is unique and it comes with a progressive serial number certificate, attesting its authenticity.

This piece belongs to TRANS collection winner of prestigious A'Design Award.

Designers Cetti Davì & Dario Feo – MU’factory